Weekly Sunday Brunch


Brunch The BarTucci Way

A uniquely-designed brunch menu creates a healthy and authentic brunch experience.
Even though Italians don’t traditionally eat breakfast or brunch, Gino Bartucci, along with the chefs at BarTucci Italian Restaurant, have produced an Italian brunch menu that is getting noticed (and copycatted) all over Chicago.

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Blueberry Panini Brunch At BarTucci Italian Restaurant

Brunch Menu

Dolce del Mattino $11
chef's selection of fresh fruit, imported and domestic cheeses, homemade jams
Uova al Purgatorio $7
pached eggs, tomato sauce, fresh ricotta, fresh basil
Frittata Calabrese $10
egg batter, Italian sausage soppressatta, fresh ricotta, fresh tuma romano
Tortino $9
flaky pastry dough, stuffed with spinach and egg, bechemal sauce
Panino Calazione $12
fresh blueberry and strawberry panini with goat cheese and basil
Caprese Benedict $14
poached egg, tomato, fresh homemade mozzarella, pesto, roasted potatoes
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